Robin has seamlessly continued the acupuncture treatment I started at the Gerad Kite clinic in London. I have been very pleased with the treatment results, and I very much enjoy the setting of the treatments in a beautiful part of the country.
— Elizabeth
I have found my Acupuncture treatments with Robin to be a very positive experience. He has a gentle calm manner which puts me at ease. I find the sessions relaxing and I always look forward to my next session, as I leave feeling better each time. He makes considered decisions on how to progress with my treatment by always talking through how I have felt from week to week.
— Tecky
Wow. Great to have found Five-Element Acupuncture. My back is feeling much better and there has been a calming space created throughout my whole body.
— Sam
I could feel Robin’s calm presence throughout the session, gently checking my pulses. He held space for me with simplicity while the channels of my body were releasing and opening. After the session my body was more relaxed, emotions and mind clearer, and my heart calmer.
— Julia
Been having great sessions with Robin over the last few months, really feeling clearer and at peace.
— Aaron
I am feeling much more peaceful and positive since I begun treatment with Robin. It is truly delightful to experience the power of Five-Element Acupuncture.
— Lucy
I’ve been having a hard few years and Five-Element Acupuncture has made a huge difference. I now feel free and light and much more positive. I love it!
— Jamie